Sunday, March 15

Story of 7 & 8 years old obedience to God's voice

Monday morning, 29th April 2013, 

As always, I was ready to start with a worship our  “Bible Time" meeting, where we gathered children from classes 1,2 and 3 (age 7 - 9) in Christian School "Samuel" in Warsaw.
However, we noticed with my wife, that children are a bit disturbed. So we asked them how was their week. They answered asking us if we heard about the building falling down in Bangladesh and over a thousand of people dying. 

We knew we can’t move on, that we need to stop and ask God what’s in His heart concerning this situation and what He has got for us.
We prayed for a long time, but one of the classes was so moved, that they felt it’s not the end, they knew God wants something more.

After three days , I received from them pictures with Bible verses as well as collected money after a week of selling cookies and other handmade stuff to support anyone who needs help in Bangladesh.
At the same time in Bangladesh, Christians prayed for one Muslim family, who lost their daughter in that catastrophe and didn’t have livelihood. 

For almost a month we tried to find someone and then I received an email from some Christians who presented us the case of this particular family.
I was so excited and the next day I rushed to the bank to sent, those only 100$, which the class collected, to someone I didn’t know at all. This was a leap of faith and also obedience to what God showed to the class.
When I was putting the money into the bank I was so excited that I couldn’t stop telling the ladies in the bank how important and special that money is. They answered that here all the money is important… but when I started sharing the story with them and how the children prayed and listened to God, they started crying and I could share the Good News with them.

After a few days received an answer, that some Christian church was praying for help for a Muslim family who lost their daughter. And because her body wasn’t found, the medical service as well as the government couldn’t pay out this family any assistance.
But our help gave them hope and they could purchase a rickshaw, which gave the father of this family a job on a local market. For the rest of the money they could live for a week. This is a 5-member family ( 3 boys, father and mother). They also received drawings with Bible verses encouraging them to follow Jesus.
We didn’t know where our money and Bible verses are being sent but we wanted to be obedient to God’s Voice. How happy we were when we found out that this Muslim family started studying God’s Word and meeting with Christians!
They started opening their hearts for Christ.

This was an amazing experience of faith for those 8-year olds, who took a big step of faith  and learnt to be obedient to God.

Wednesday, March 11

What was most important for me – reports of young and older ones from Berlin

During our quiet time with God on a train we were wondering about specific things we received from God this intensive weekend so as not to forget grace and goodness we have from Him. – I was given an opportunity to  be a team leader and learned a lot e.g. patience and cooperation with children as well as learning how to listen to them. 
Ann 13 – It was my first time In Berlin and for the first time I could take part in life of people living there, serving older people by weeding, praising God together and praying.
Gabrysia 15 – For the first time I received a word from God, I could pray for the whole city.
 – work with Serve The City
 – very important for me was the quiet time with Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary
 – amazing worship time
 – The Holy Ghost was working, possibility of serving with Serve the City
 – help, smile and fellowship 
– the opportunity of working there with my son, I could appreciate him, see what he’s experiencing, I could share the gospel in a practical way, we learned to be a team and to be obedient in love
 – my special moment was the prayer for the German nation at the Bundestag roof, serving at the retirement home, Lord’s Supper shared with Poles and Germans, learning to see God in others and to say…. To be continued 
To Him be the glory!

Monday, March 2

praying for Firefighters and Bus Drivers with kids and parents

Small Gedeons In Garwolin.
I thank God for giving me the opportunity of taking the missionary trip to Garwolin. I went there with two of my younger kids. And the day before leaving I was wondering what  have I done, haven’t I got enough work to do at home?
Despite of the confusion in my head, as well as in my house as my husband and the older son were leaving too, I decided to be faithful to the desire that appeared in my heart and be a part of the project “Garwolin”.
 This way I joined the group of young fighters, who didn’t fight against the blood and flesh but were pleading for this city. With love and sweets they carried the Word of Hope and Encouragement for the citizens. Seeing the commitment and openness of the children which they presented in their duty, I was encouraged to perform the same actions in my own city.
The citizens of Garwolin reacted in many different ways when receiving cookies with fragments from the Bible. I’ll quote one man: “People’s faces are the best when receiving a cookie. I hope that someday someone will give a testimony of how God used cookies and notes to change or even save someone’s life.”
We can’t see everything, but Heavens do and notes it down. God also let us to bless local firemen. My three-year-old son was taken by their openness and kindness and didn’t miss the opportunity of getting into every vehicle presented there. Although our trip didn’t take long it will still be memorable as it was an honor to go with You watching You serving others.

Coming back  home on Saturday evening I felt really encouraged and refreshed. I wish every Gedeon to rise up and trust The One who is more than able to fulfill much more than we ask for. God be praised in Heaven as on Earth.

Thursday, February 5

bringing joy to His heart - testimony from the field from ordinary people - part 1

He is the Provider 

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.” (Philippians 2:13)
My missionary trip started in December….The moment I read the notice about trip to Cracow God moved my heart and gave me the will to be a part of this event. My daughter was also willing to go. And so the time of prayer and seeking God’s Will, the time of mutual discussions and preparatory meetings began for all of us. 
And God blessed us and showed His power!
When it turned out we haven’t got sufficient amount of money for our journey, the Lord took care of us moving hearts of others whose generosity was overwhelming. We received exactly as much money as we needed for two people’s travel. Two days before the departure Mary got ill. Her condition, from the human point of view, seemed we will have to stay. God was encouraging us to trust Him and not to be afraid (Ps 56:5), cling to Him and He will give strength for He is Almighty Only God (Syr 24:24). We received this words in worship and the Lord gave us an extraordinary peace. We knew everything is in His hands. At the same time many people prayed for our daughter. On the day of the journey Mary got out of bed as newborn, ready for her missionary trip. Those who stayed in prayer for Mary gave Glory to God. Our joy was enormous!
Three days in Cracow were very special for me. It was a time of walking with God, listening to His voice and being open to serving others. It was a wonderful experience watching our kids simply expressing what God speaks to them and what He expects from them. They were praying with open hearts and were involved completely in every assignment. 
Going into the streets to homeless people was an incredible experience for me, when God was piercing my heart and my eyes were full of tears, joy was mixed with compassion and God’s blessing was over us all. And this natural way in which children were giving food to homeless and communicating with them.  The Lord also showed me my daughter with His eyes and enabled me to see her sensitive, open to God heart. 

Everything that happened during that missionary trip in Cracow and earlier during preparations will stay in my heart for long. Relationships I made both with children and parents are full of joy and openness. I hope it’s just the beginning of missionary trips in my and my family’s life…..I leave the rest 

Tuesday, December 30

mali wzrostem, Wielcy sercem !

Gdy w styczniu zrodził się pomysł międzypokoleniowego wyjazdu misyjnego na Sycylię wyobrażałam sobie grupę dorosłych z kilkorgiem nastolatków. Potem dowiedziałam się, że przyjadą też małe dzieci i pomyślałam, że “jeśli grzeczne to może nie będą przeszkadzać”. Tymczasem to co zobaczyłam i czego doświadczyłam w czasie pobytu King’s Kids w Nicosii przeszło moje najśmielsze oczekiwania. Dzieci nie tylko nie były przeszkodą, ale były partnerami w służbie. Dzięki ekipie z Polski zrozumiałam, że naprawdę można służyć Bogu międzypokoleniowo. Dzieci i młodzież słuchały bożego głosu i służyły z radością i pokorą, robiąc pierniki, sprzątając ulice, czy też tańcząc na chwałę Pana. Jednego wieczoru, gdy przygotowywaliśmy się do ewangelizacji w Sperlinga, liderzy wyjazdu misyjnego dali mi niesamowity przykład jak być posłusznym Bogu w czasie sztormu. Mimo nacisków wielu osób by “natychmiast” zostawić Sperlinga i udać się do innego miasteczka, misjonarze King’s Kids wiernie trzymali sie tego co Bóg kazał im robić. Tego dnia naprawdę czuć było bożą obecność w czasie ewangelizacji. Mieszkańcy Sperlinga byli bardzo otwarci na słowo boże. Kilka tygodni temu miałam okazję wrócić do Sperlinga razem ze szwajcarskim chórem gospel. Sperlingesi podchodzili do mnie z radością i wypytywali o “tych Polaków co tu w lipcu byli”. Zresztą nie tylko oni pamiętają ekipę z Polski – nasza siedmioletnia wychowanka Maisa do tej pory pyta o niektóre dzieci i czeka kiedy przyjdą się z nią pobawić. Nie rozumie że Polska jest za daleko aby mogły one “wpaść do nas na basen”.