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Story of 7 & 8 years old obedience to God's voice

Monday morning, 29th April 2013, 

As always, I was ready to start with a worship our  “Bible Time" meeting, where we gathered children from classes 1,2 and 3 (age 7 - 9) in Christian School "Samuel" in Warsaw.
However, we noticed with my wife, that children are a bit disturbed. So we asked them how was their week. They answered asking us if we heard about the building falling down in Bangladesh and over a thousand of people dying. 

We knew we can’t move on, that we need to stop and ask God what’s in His heart concerning this situation and what He has got for us.
We prayed for a long time, but one of the classes was so moved, that they felt it’s not the end, they knew God wants something more.

After three days , I received from them pictures with Bible verses as well as collected money after a week of selling cookies and other handmade stuff to support anyone who needs help in Bangladesh.
At the same time in Bangladesh, Christians prayed for one Muslim family, who lost their daughter in that catastrophe and didn’t have livelihood. 

For almost a month we tried to find someone and then I received an email from some Christians who presented us the case of this particular family.
I was so excited and the next day I rushed to the bank to sent, those only 100$, which the class collected, to someone I didn’t know at all. This was a leap of faith and also obedience to what God showed to the class.
When I was putting the money into the bank I was so excited that I couldn’t stop telling the ladies in the bank how important and special that money is. They answered that here all the money is important… but when I started sharing the story with them and how the children prayed and listened to God, they started crying and I could share the Good News with them.

After a few days received an answer, that some Christian church was praying for help for a Muslim family who lost their daughter. And because her body wasn’t found, the medical service as well as the government couldn’t pay out this family any assistance.
But our help gave them hope and they could purchase a rickshaw, which gave the father of this family a job on a local market. For the rest of the money they could live for a week. This is a 5-member family ( 3 boys, father and mother). They also received drawings with Bible verses encouraging them to follow Jesus.
We didn’t know where our money and Bible verses are being sent but we wanted to be obedient to God’s Voice. How happy we were when we found out that this Muslim family started studying God’s Word and meeting with Christians!
They started opening their hearts for Christ.

This was an amazing experience of faith for those 8-year olds, who took a big step of faith  and learnt to be obedient to God.

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